Cascade Door

Slate flows like a river between two pieces of Mahogany in this stone and fine wood door. A natural beach stone mounted as lever style handle opens the Cascade Door which can be custom made to any size, for interior or exterior use. Built with a sturdy core of cross laminated wood, it can be carved on both sides if desired and hung to swing as either left or right opening. A lockset covered with a flat circular black stone can be installed that would swing aside for key access. The handle can also be made to lock, using a selection of beautiful rocks I have set aside or one of your choosing. The Cascade door can also be made with glass instead of the slate as in the Cascade double door version. The related Cascade Buffet, Holman Dining Hutch and Cayuga Bed and nightstands employ similar combinations of slate and wood.

Sustainably harvested mahogany, slate, stone
80"h x 2"d x 36"l