Make your own sculpture/ Balance blocks

Made from salvaged solid hardwood, these blocks are cut into a clever pattern that allows you to make an unlimited number of fun balancing sculptures from the 7 pieces.  Putting them back together in a rectangle is a puzzle with the wood grain as your clue.  I have received numerous pictures of these blocks stacked into beautiful sculptures since I first started selling them in 2016, including videos of kinetic sculptures rocking back and forth.  The two shown in home are by Tom Manning.

Most of the block sets I have in stock are walnut, which is the darker wood in the picture.  I also have some light ones in maple and ash.  No cherry ones (the reddish wood in some of the pictures) are currently available.  US lower 48 shipping is $15 regardless of quantity ordered.  Email me for your order.

Walnut, Maple or Ash
2" x 4" x 7"

This piece available now