Pepper Grinders

They’re fun, unique and work better than any other pepper or salt grinder I’ve tried.  Made from beautiful pieces of wood left over from my furniture making and carved branches, each is one of a kind.  They incorporate ceramic CrushGrind mechanisms, that can be adjusted with a knob on the bottom for a coarse or fine grind, or anything in between.

From left:

  1.  Claro walnut with madrona, 10″ high:  sold
  2.  Black walnut, 15″ high: sold
  3.  Poplar, milk paint and madrona, 8″ high: sold
  4.   Cherry, maple, walnut, 9″ high: sold
  5.   Cherry and madrona, 10″ high: sold
  6.   Cherry and textured Sapele, 8″ high: sold
  7.   Textured Basswood and alder, 10″ high: sold
  8.   Dyed figured maple, 9″ high: sold
  9.   Poplar and sapele, 8″ high: sold
  10.   Claro walnut and cherry, 8″ high: sold
  11.   Dyed basswood and madrona, 12″ high: sold